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How it works

The parking facility will be the first Automatic car park in Aarhus, and with space for 1,000 vehicles, it will be the largest Automatic parking Facility in Europe.​

The benefit for you as a motorist is that you will no longer have to waste time driving around a dark underground car park searching for a space. Instead, you can deliver and pick up your car in a well-lit, secure environment with a view out over the city and the water. Simply drive your car into one of the 20 elevator cabins at the facility and park it on the elevator platform. The elevator will then transport your car down below ground level and transport it to a vacant parking shelf. When you need your car again, insert your parking ticket into a machine and the elevator system will collect your car and return it to you in 2–3 minutes.

Source: Susanne Eeg, Realdania Byg​



CVR: ​10130751


Hack Kampmanns Plads 6

8000 Aarhus C


Phone: 4323 5102