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Parking options​

Below you can see your options for parking in the parking facility (open 24/7). If you wish to order a period of parking, click the menu item Self-service to do so.

Hourly parking

  • Fixed rate: DKK 11 per half hour
  • Max. DKK 250 per day
  • Payment per half hour or part thereof
  • The rate is the same all days of the week

Commercial subscribers

Subscription 24/7 = DKK 1,040 excl. VAT per month

Monday to Friday = DKK 880 excl. VAT per month

Commercial agreement

Voucher solution, where guests receive a voucher that entitles them to a discount on payment. There is likewise a referral fee to hotels/restaurants. Contact us for additional information about your options.

Privat subscription

Subscription 24/7 = DKK 1,000 incl. VAT per month​.

Subscription terms

Click here to read our subscription terms​​.



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